Welcome to Star Gazer Farm! We are so glad you chose us! Here is some helpful information for your stay.

Points of Contact

Please reach out to the individuals listed below for problems/questions during your stay. Contact the person listed at #1 on the list and proceed down in numerical order if no answer/response is received:

    1. Chelsie Coonie-our wonderful hospitality maven and housekeeper.        518-817-6532
    2. Scott Pike- our amazing son and hospitality hero                                                 802-681-8783
    3. Heather Snow-our backup housekeeper.                                                                   802-681-3322
    4. Karen and Scott-your hosts and property owners.                                              800-988-4909


Security Devices

Security cameras are located in the following locations:


  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Overlooking the Parking Lot
  • Front Door
  • South side of house overlooking the barn



There are NO CAMERAS in any other part of the home.


You have access/use of all areas of the house except: locked owners closets, the basement, master bedroom walk in closet, the 3rd floor storage area that adjoins the 3rd floor room, the barn, the right side of the garage, and the outdoor open fire pit located in across the bridge. A fire marshal permit is required to have an open fire and our insurer requires we do not permit open fires on the property.

The keep the house clean, we ask that you use the garage side door as your main point of entry and exit during your stay. Your door code operates ONLY the garage side door. It will not work on any other doors in the house.
Starter Supplies

We provide a starter supply of consumables. These are not intended to last for the duration of your stay. Additional supplies can be purchased from the Dollar General located 1 mile north on Route 7.

Door Locks

In the past, we rented each of the rooms in our home separately. For the safety and security of our guests, we installed individual coded locks on each of the rooms. Now that the entire house is being rented, it’s no longer necessary to hand out individual codes to the rooms. In case a door is locked, the code to open all of the bedrooms and the front door is 1234.

Home Temperature

We remotely manage the home temperature via the WiFi thermostats. Please keep the home temperature at 70 degrees year-round. If you are too hot or cold, consider adding or removing clothing layers.

Trash & Recycling

There is a green trash can and a recycling can in the garage to the left of the main entry door. Place BAGGED TRASH in the green trash can. Place bottles, cans, and liquor bottles with a VT refund in the recycling can. We use Zero Sort recycling. This means that recyclable plastics can go in the main trash. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE ROUND DEPOSIT BOTTLE CAN. Food waste with the exception of bacon grease, egg shells, cucumber & potato peels can go down the garbage disposal. Our hospitality hero and son, Scott, picks up the trash every Friday. He has the code to the garage and will let himself in to retrieve it.

Deck, Fire Pit, Gas Grill, and String Lights

The fire pit on the deck is hooked to a propane tank that is stored in the cabinet beneath the burner area. Please follow the QR directions for operating the fire pit and gas grill. Cover them after they have cooled off. To prolong their life, deck cushions are available in the warmer months only. If you consume what is in the tank, please get it refilled prior to the conclusion of your stay. You can refill it at Chem Clean in Arlington town center-about 5 mins away. There is a string of patio lights encircling the seating area across the bridge. The plug is located under the deck to the right of the French doors.

Snow Removal

Woodard Construction plows the driveway and shovels the front of the garage entry side door. A snow shovel is provided if you wish to shovel other areas of the property. A vehicle snow brush is also provided. Please return it after use so that future guests may enjoy it..

Cleaning Materials

If you are here on an extended stay (more than two weeks), we recommend you have our housekeeper, Chelsie, come and clean. She can be reached at the number in the first part of this instruction. If you elect to clean yourself, the vacuum and cleaning supplies bag are located in the bi-fold doors in the laundry room. If the house is excessively dirty upon checkout, an additional cleaning fee will be charged based on the extra hours Chelsie must spend to restore the home to its check-in ready condition.

Kitchen Supplies

The kitchen is generously stocked with spices, oils, and vinegars. If you use them up, please replenish them for the next guest.

Wine Rack

Help yourself to the generously stocked wine rack. If you consume the wine, please replenish prior to check out. Feel free to add something you like to provide a fun experience for the next guest.


We have a top-of-the-line water filtration and softening system for our well-sourced water. The water is safe to drink and is tested annually.

We have a propane-fired on demand hot water heater. You will never run out of hot water ☺

There is a generator capable of running all the major appliances during a power outage. You will never be without electricity. If there is a power outage, the WiFi may be out as well..

Septic System

Our property is on a residential septic system. It is very delicate. Flushing anything other than human waste down the toilet will cause it to stop working. This includes condoms, tampons, and feminine pads. DO NOT flush anything other than human waste down the toilet. Guests are responsible for all charges related to restoring the septic to working order if it has to be pumped.


We cut the ‘cable’ with ‘cable’ several years ago. All the TV’s have Sling Orange and Blue for free. Log in with your credentials for Netflix and Amazon Prime. We are not responsible for charges to your account post check out, so be sure to log out before you check out. TV Operating instructions can be found using the QR code in the room.


Please help yourself to our selection of board games located on the shelf above the washer/dryer in the laundry room.


Please refrain from removing or moving the information signs posted around the house. These are there for your convenience and the convenience of future guests as well.

Have a wonderful time! This is such a special place for us. We have made so many cherished family memories in this home. It has great bones and good vibes!


Karen & Scott