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Biloxi City is rich in diverse sites for tourist activities. It is located on the  gulf coast between the Gulf of Mexico to the south and Biloxi’s Back Bay to the north. Biloxi is a quaint gulf coast city that hosts local and international guests on it’sits sugar-sand beaches for recreation and sun bathing.

Keep reading to see our recommendation for the top things to do in Biloxi.

Tour the Biloxi Lighthouse

Biloxi lighthouse biloxi vacation rental

Image Credit: Woodlot – Wikimedia

What makes the Biloxi Lighthouse Unique? It stands at the center of Biloxi’s rich history. If this lighthouse could talk, it would tell you stories dating back 152 years to the 18th century. This lighthouse is a survivor and stands as a testament to the resolve of the City of Biloxi! Climb to the top to enjoy sweeping views of the entire gulf coast.

Visit Ship Island

Ship Island is 11 miles from the mainland of Biloxi. Its beautiful beaches attract tourists from all ends of the globe. Activities on the island include fishing, lounging in the white sands under large umbrellas, hiking, and shelling.

The Hard Rock Casino

Live like rock star royalty at the Hard Rock Casino pool.  The pool features a swim up bar and large swim shelf.  You’ll be waited on hand and foot as you relax in the sun, taking in the lively scene around you.  When you are done, you can try your luck at the Hard Rock Casino slots or cool down with a drink from their Robo Bar where you can watch robots mix up a refreshing cocktail!

Experience a Biloxi Shrimp Boat

biloxi shrimp boat

Image Credit: Biloxi Shrimping Trip

Shrimp boat trips have been offered since 1954. During the hour-long trip, you’ll learn the tricks of the shrimping trade. This is the cheapest place in Biloxi to buy shrimp.

Attend a Biloxi Shuckers Baseball Game

Biloxi Shuckers Baseball Game

Image Credit: Coastal Mississippi

MGM Park is the place to be for outdoor sporting activities. The venue is home to the Biloxi Shuckers Baseball team.  When the  6,000 seat stadium is at full capacity cheering can be heard for miles.  This is a fun family experience you don’t want to miss.  There is plenty of entertainment between innings to include impressive fireworks displays.

Visit the Hurricane Katrina Memorial

Hurricane Katrina left an indelible mark upon Biloxi and its citizens. No other storm in Biloxi’s history compares to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

The memorial is found along the city’s main street, just behind the Biloxi lighthouse. The memorial has two plaques; one describes the hurricane’s devastation; a second shows the map of the damaged area.

Additionally, you will see a 12-feet memorial monument that protrudes to the height the water level reached. The memorial also shows the names of the victims of the tragedy.Though a small city on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Biloxi is home to beautiful white sand beaches and boasts a rich heritage. There are lots of places you can visit in Biloxi for both indoor and outdoor relaxation.  Star Gazer Stays would love the opportunity to host you at one of our conveniently located Biloxi locations. Please check them out on our website at

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