Our list of rules is pretty much common sense, but we feel compelled to list them here just to be sure there are no misunderstandings. 


#1. Do not put egg shells, bacon grease, cucumber peels or potato peels down the garbage disposal 

#2. Take trash out to the bear proof bins located on the far side of the three car garage.  

#3. No parties without prior permission from Karen and Scott 

#4. No pets 

#5. Do not tamper with security cameras 

#6. Cover the fire pit after it cools off 

#7. Do not flush anything other than toilet paper down the septic system.  This includes condoms and tampons. Put those items in the waste bins provided in each bathroom.  

#8. Remove your shoes at the door when you enter the house 

#9. Keep the house at 70 degrees year round 

#10. Secure the house before you step out 

#11. If you are unsure how to operate something check the QR code system for instructions before reaching out to our hospitality team. There will be a $50 trip charge for house calls on items that are a result of a guest’s failure to follow provided instructions 

#12. If you consume the rest of a spice, kindly replace it for the next guest 

#13. We understand accidents happen.  If you break something, please tell us immediately so we can make arrangements to have it fixed 

#14. No candle burning 

#15. Log out of all personally subscribed streaming apps but stay logged into Hulu  

#16. Line cookie sheets with non-stick foil to extend their life and minimize cleanup. This is provided 

#17. Turn off the heat/AC when the windows or doors are open to conserve energy